Thursday, October 26, 2006

The News Round-Up for Thursday, October 26th

Let's go ahead and get the press releases out of the way. Stay tuned at the end of this post for a few other news and notes.

CBS Spins Their Numbers for Wednesday: Touts Criminal Minds Over Lost

Seems like all of the networks were out in full force today to spin their numbers. Some days you see several networks doing it while other days they're suspiciously quiet.

The CW Spins Their Numbers for Wednesday: America's Top Next Model is getting good ratings

Glad to see CW having something to scream about when it comes to their ratings. They need some good news.

ABC Spins Their Numbers for Wednesday: Lost continues to get ratings

Not to be left out of the gang, ABC, the winner for Wednesday, spin their numbers.

Kathy Najimy Joins the Cast of Numbers

New recurring character for the show.

Spike TV Highlights for December 2006

Star: Trek Voyager anyone?

With that, I just have a few more things to report on. As I mentioned earlier in the week, Tuesday I believe, The O.C. is now available on for you to check out. I'll be watching it sooner or later, and be able to offer my own two cents on the upcoming season of The O.C. Honestly, from what I've heard, it should be good.

Also, some news on some of the freshman shows after I just talked about them yesterday. Studio 60 on the Sunset Script had three more scripts ordered which is good news for the show. ABC also ordered more scripts for The Nine, Men in Trees, and Help Me Help You. So, some good news for ABC shows.

Tomorrow will probably be the same ol' same ol' and I wouldn't expect any feature pieces. Maybe this weekend, but I'd expect it to be all quiet here.

Thanks guys.

The Pulse

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The Ratings Report for Wednesday, October 25th

Another night of ratings and we're here to make it as simple as possible for you. Our apologies for being behind the ball today, but some personal stuff is keeping us away. We're also going to be behind the ball tomorrow as well so keep that in mind. Now, let's move on to the ratings report.

ABC can claim to be #1 on Wednesday evenings as they were able to just barely inch out CBS with a 9.6/15 for the evening to pull out roughly fourteen million visitors over the course of the night thanks in part to Dancing With The Stars and Lost. CBS would pull down 9.5/15 for roughly fourteen million viewers just like it's ABC counterpart and clinch second place. In terms of the number of viewers, ABC had 165,000 more to give you an idea of how close the race was. Coming in third was NBC with a 4.9/8 for seven million viewers while Fox managed to get a 3.8/6. In last place was the CW with a 3.0/5.

In the highly coveted, 18-49 demo, ABC would win that race as well with a 5.0 rating. CBS would finish second with a 4.3. In third and fourth, we have NBC with a 2.9 while the CW had a 2.1. Finally, Fox pulled up the rear with a 2.0. Now, let's break it down by hour and show.

ABC and Dancing with the Stars took first place for the 8PM hour with a 13.2/21 for a nice 19.85 million viewers for the highest season rating yet to date. In second place was the CBS rookie show Jericho with 6.8/11 for ten million viewers. Next we have a tie for third place, with NBC's 30 Rock and Twenty Good Years and CW's America's Next Top Model both getting a 3.7/6 for five million viewers, but NBC had more viewers slightly. America's Next Top Model is the highest rated show on the CW network this season. Fox trailed the networks with a washed out World Series resulting in a The War at Home episode that brought in a 3.5/6 for about 4.8 million viewers.

In the 9PM hour, we saw CBS take the hour with a 10.8/16 for 16.589 (per TV Guide) million viewers while ABC would come in second in terms of household with Lost getting a 10.3/15, but having more viewers with 16.795. That just goes to show you how crazy the ratings can be. Following those two shows, we have NBC taking third thanks to The Biggest Loser getting a 5.1/8 for seven million viewers. After that, The War at Home took fourth for Fox with a 4.0/6 for five million viewers while the CW got a 2.4/4 for 3.5 million viewers from One Tree Hill.

Finally, the 10PM hour saw CBS keep the lead with CSI: New York getting a 10.9/18 for seventeen million viewers while NBC's Dateline got a 6.0/10 for 8.5 million viewers. The Nine for ABC brought in a 5.2/8 for 8 million viewers.

That's it for the ratings. We're going to probably wrap up the day with a news roundup as we're having a fairly quiet day in the news arena.

More soon.


The Pulse

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Looking Back at Wednesday October 25th

Let's take a look at last night's television shows, which featured another great episode of Lost.
  • Jericho: I missed a portion of last night's episode, but from what I saw it looked interesting though lacking in any big developments. An EMP was launched and fried all electronics which I think will back them into a corner sooner or later (the writers). However, thus far they've handled it well as they jumped forward two weeks. Stanley and the woman from the IRS (having only watched six episodes, it's tough to remember everybody on an ensemble drama of this size. I'm fairy certain this is the largest ensemble drama on TV) look to be hooking up sooner or later, unless they did during the portion I missed. The black guy (sorry!) looks to be a spy from the U.S. Government that knew this was coming so I'm interested in seeing more about that. Jake also has an interesting background, and in the upcoming weeks it looks like things are going to get really interesting for him according to the previews. Another good show, but next week looks to be the one where we start getting some answers.

  • Lost: Last night's episode may have been one of the best episodes purely because of the fact that the episode focused on Sawyer and he nailed it out of the park. We got to see more of the background of Sawyer as we see him in jail, find out that he has a child, and conned his way out of jail by turning over ten million dollars to the government that one of the prisoners came in with hidden outside of the jail. On top of that, he gets a cut of the money, which he gives to his daughter Clementine. Loved that. Just loved it. With Sawyer going through heartache in his flashback we then get to see Sawyer tortured and conned by the Others, and then having to hear Kate tell him that she loves him only to say later that he doesn't. Then, in the end, while he still thinks he has a pacemaker that could kill him, he's told he was conned, and that he is not on the same island that he was on before as he looks at the island he used to be on. God, it sucked to be Sawyer in that episode. It looks like Ben has tumor according to the previews that Jack is going to have to operate on, and Desmond can see the future. With two more episodes before the fall finale, this has been an amazing stretch of episodes, and well worth it. Going to suck waiting three months for the next episode, and hopefully Day Break can fill the void rather well

  • 30 Rock: Saw this one early yesterday and meant to talk about it, but it totally got away from me. 30 Rock is a mixed show with some great laughs and some horrible stories in there. However, it's the only sitcom I'm watching, and it looks to be getting a chance. I like Tina Fey and thin she has talent. I also think her talent is being shown here while it was wasted on Saturday Night Live personally. With her getting the time, I hope she gets the most of it, and we'll see eventually what happens. Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan are also hilarious on this show, and worth watching the show just for them. Average show that has potential. But, I think it's the best of the new sitcoms.
More later.


The Pulse

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What to Watch Thursday October 26th

Getting started early today folks, but expect the ratings report to be up late today as I'm packed this afternoon. However, I will get it up early if I can. Just depends on what time they come down, and how much of it I can get done before I have to be where I have to be. Alright, enough with that, now let's see what you should be watching tonight.
  • Smallville (CW at 8PM EST): Even though not one of the best television shows on the air, and probably not the best show during it's timeslot, this show about the formative years of Superman continues to prove worthy of watching because of the allure. However, the stories aren't top notch which is normally hard with Superman as even the comics can't get it right. Thankfully, I think the movie this past summer did an amazing job of telling a good Superman story. Currently, the Oliver Queen/Green Arrow story has been pretty good, and it will continue tonight. This is all building up to the JLA in my eyes, and that could be amazingly cool. What's not cool though is the fact that it looks like Green Arrow is more like Batman than anything. But, check it out if you haven't as it's an easy show to jump into.

  • Ugly Betty (ABC at 8PM EST): Ugly Betty is the surprise show of the season if you ask me. It's a quirky, quaint show that hasn't completely won me over yet which is why I still watch Smallville. One of the more annoying factors is the need to call it a comedy when it is a drama with comedy aspects to it. However, I guess they can call it whatever they want. This show offers enough each week to get me coming back even though I'm waiting for it to turn me off. Maybe this is the week, maybe it won't. However, 14 million people are watching this show which is a strong number and one of the strongest of the season. If you're in the mood for a new show tonight, then check out Ugly Betty.

  • Grey's Anatomy (ABC at 9PM EST): In my opinion, Grey's Anatomy is probably the best ensemble drama on television today as they are able to weave multiple storylines and an ensemble of roughly ten people rather well. Right now, they're adding a new character into the show, and the last new character is finally getting settled into the show. Of course, you get the continuation of the storyline between Derek and Meredith, and while not the best aspect of the storyline, it's still entertaining especially if they're taking it down the road of Derek and Meredith finally together. Hopefully, the show can keep this momentum up as they're moving into a weird position with Burke and Christina Yang. I'm not sure where they're going with that story, but it's turning very dark. This is not a show that you have to watch from the beginning, but I recommend it. This show is loving the fact that the Super Bowl lead into it back in February, and they're making the most of it.

  • Shark (CBS at 10PM EST): I've contended that Shark is the House of lawyer shows, and thus far I've been proven right. However, I like they went down a different road as Stark actually has a soft side while House does, but he never lets it out. This show continues to be fun and entertaining while slowly laying down the road work. There's no telling where they're going with it in terms of the overall story, but right now that's not important as the single story episode structure is winning fans over as opposed to the story over multiple episodes structure of Lost. The character Madeline Poe continues to be a treat and I love watching her on the show because she's good looking and plus she's a good actress if you ask me. One of the better new shows of the season and getting the ratings it deserves.

  • Six Degrees (ABC at 10PM EST): In my opinion, ABC puts together the best lineup on Thursday's even though I no longer watch Six Degrees live. However, I'm enjoying this show thus far even though it's not hitting on all cylinders. Unfortunately, it looks like it's going to be cancelled very soon, if not in the next week. It'll be interesting to see what they do with this show, but can't see it lasting much longer. Loving the way all the stories are loosely connected, and really interested to see where it goes in the upcoming weeks if it gets that chance. Erika Christensen is a treat to watch every week, and the other characters offer some great scenes. Watch it, but beware that this could be the only episode you get to watch.
More coming soon.


The Pulse

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Future of the Freshman Shows

As we come up on November Sweeps starting next week, we take this time to take a look at what shows need to step it up for November Sweeps and which shows look to be getting the full 22 in terms of episodes for their first season on the air! Let's start it off with...


For NBC, this was supposed to be the season they could look at their slate and see shows that were consistently critically loved as well as getting amazing ratings. They had brought out a slate of shows that should've amazed everyone, like Heroes, Studio 60, Friday Night Lights, and 30 Rock. While all four of those shows have gotten favorable reviews, only one of those shows have gotten the ratings it deserves, and that would be Heroes. Let's take a look at NBC debuted this year and what they have on slate.

Heroes: This is the show that NBC and many people were worried wouldn't get good ratings, but it has surprised everyone by being one of the top rated new shows on television, and this week looks to be cracking into the top 20 in terms of viewers. NBC has obviously loved this show that got 14 million viewers this week, and have been given a full season pickup. NBC has one show that they can be proud of ratings wise.

Verdict: Already picked up.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: A show that was critically hailed by all has proven to be lackluster in the ratings. It debuted to twelve million viewers and have since dropped to 7.7 million. Now, apparently Studio 60 is number in ratings when it comes to those who income is greater then $100,000 and that could be something to boast. However, NBC needs this show to get ratings, and they need to get it fast. This show got a 13 episode commitment, and if NBC takes it off the air beforehand then NBC will have to pay a big penalty. NBC has said before that they're committed to this show, and I think they will be. I see NBC giving it a full season pick-up in an effort to give it every single chance it has. If the show ends the season with less than ten million viewers though then I see it not returning for a second season, mainly because it's doing better then so many of the other NBC shows.

Verdict: Will be picked up as long as it doesn't bleed more viewers throughout November, and will need ten million viewers to stick around for Season Two.

Friday Night Lights: The show that everyone is falling in love with just can't seem to get the viewers it needs. Last night's showing got 6.3 million viewers after getting roughly 6.5 million the week before. Also, last week it saw an increase while this week saw a decrease. However, NBC is being faithful to this show as they're giving it an attempt by ordering more scripts which is good for the show. One of the best new dramas on television, Friday Night Lights has a chance because of the fact that NBC is trying to show that it is a quality network in terms of their scripted shows, and they're going to take a lot of flak if they cancel this show with the kind of reviews it's getting. Next Monday night, Friday Night Lights gets the chance to see if it could do well in another timeslot as it replaces Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip for one week when Studio 60 was originally going to air a rerun.

Verdict: The show is going to continue to slowly grow throughout the season to get a full season pick-up. It should see a season two as well because of the fact that the critics love it, and that does mean something in television today.

30 Rock: This show is a difficult one as it's getting roughly 5 million viewers, but already NBC has plans for it, and they will stick to those plans for a few weeks to see if 30 Rock will excel in the 9:30 slot on Thursday evenings for NBC as I mentioned earlier. However, I see that show dying against the likes of C.S.I. and Grey's Anatomy, and NBC will axe the sitcom before it ever really gets a chance. The fact that the critics don't love this show means that NBC has to play favorites with those shows that the critics do love.

Verdict: Cancelled after the original thirteen.

20 Good Years: I'm not going to even go in-depth with this one. Just cancel it already.

Verdict: Cancelled tomorrow if I'm lucky.

On tap: Their big show could be The Black Donnellys which is about four Irish brothers who take on the MOB on their home turf. After seeing the pilot, I saw why NBC wanted to place it in E.R.'s timeslot for a while, but with E.R. doing so well this season they nixed those plans. This show should be a show that airs at 10PM after Heroes or somewhere so that it can get the opprotunity to be gritty. I see this show going on Sunday Nights.

Other shows that could be prove to be something is Andy Barker, P.I. and The Real Wedding Crashers. NBC also has The Singles Table, You're The One I Want, and Raines. The Singles Table will get the lucky rub as it's given 30 Rock's slot in the second half of the season if 30 Rock is cancelled in my opinion. They also have The Apprentice, Crossing Jordan, America's Got Talent, and Last Comic Standing.


CBS continues to be the king of television and they've done so again so far this season. CBS easily has the most solid line-up on television as they're not bogged down with game shows or reality shows outside of Survivor which always does good ratings. This season, they launched four new shows, with another one debuting in November, and a few more in 2007.

Smith: Unfortunately, this show was cancelled before it had a chance, but CBS isn't the kind of network to wait long on shows. They've got a few holes in their schedule, and they want to patch them immediately. While I loved it, I could see where others would have an easy time getting into the show.

Verdict: Already cancelled.

Shark: Shark got the season pick-up already, and it's well worth it as it just cracked the top twenty in terms of total viewers. Rather impressive for the rookie show.

Verdict: Already picked up.

Jericho: Picked up as well. Ratings were rocky at first, but they've been solid at ten million and slowly growing. Well worth it, and fills another hole in CBS' schedule.

Verdict: Already picked up.

The Class: This show has gotten solid ratings this season thus far, and have gotten an order for three more scripts in the past few days. I've not watched the show, but I do know it wasn't critically well received. However, it seems to be finding a solid audience for the sitcom hour with How I Met Your Mother. CBS does have two sitcoms in the wings, one is King of Queens which has proven to get good ratings and will be returning mid-season while they have a new sitcom with Rules of Engagement. If The Class continues to do well in the ratings and holding it's own, it could get the full season pickup. If it starts slipping again, then it could get axed rather quickly as CBS has the replacements waiting.

Verdict: Full season pick-up, but season two is iffy. Depends on their development slate.

On Tap: They have 3 Lbs. debuting in November following doctors in New York City. I imagine it to be a more clinical show then Grey's Anatomy, but will probably find an audience with the CBS viewers. Also on tap is a show called Creature Comforts, a show of animated shorts from the creators of Wallace and Gromit. Not sure where I see that falling in the schedule. CBS already got rid of Waterfront, a show about a colorful mayor in Rhode Island, but it doesn't look like they're going to need it if the other shows on deck live up to their end of the bargain. It should make for an interesting developmental season for CBS as to what shows they're going to pick-up and not.


Fox had a mixed bag of shows debut this year, with solid shows in Justice and Standoff, and shows that were horrible in 'Til Death and Happy Hour. Let's take a look at what looks to be in store for Fox's new shows.

'Til Death: Looks to be on it's deathbed, and rightfully so. Horrible ratings and horrible reviews. The new sitcoms from Fox were just horrible this season.

Verdict: Dead by the end of November, if not sooner.

Happy Hour: Same as it's counterpart. Please, get it off the air.

Verdict: Deader then dead in due time.

Justice: Solid ratings, though it lost 800K viewers in it's new Monday night timeslot compared to before. Looks like they should've left it where it was. I think this show is picked up based on the fact that they have to keep some shows around. It'll probably get moved back to Wednesdays or take over the 8PM slot on Thursday's to lead-in to O.C.

Verdict: Full season pick-up. Season Two doesn't look too good though.

Standoff: Hard to say right now as it was getting good ratings before, but November Sweeps will be interesting to see. Got a few more scripts ordered during it's Baseball hiatus, and that should lock it in for the rest of the season.

Verdict: Full season pick-up. Season Two looks iffy if it doesn't grow with House.

Vanished: Already done. At least Fox is wrapping up it's thirteen episodes on Friday nights.

Verdict: Adios.

On tap: Well, FOX has this show called 24. Have you ever heard of it? No? Didn't think so. They've also got a reality show in the form of On The Lot, a comedy with The Winner and a drama with The Wedding Album. No telling how those shows will do, but at least they have 24 and oh, yeah! American Idol. Fox always has a strong second half. Plus, The O.C. debuts next week. They've also got Hell's Kitchen, King of the Hill for it's Sunday night comedy line-up, and The Loop.


ABC easily rolled out the most new shows of the season, and seem to be winning with a few of them while losing with the others. As you can also see, I'm not writing as much as I wrote at the beginning of this piece. I blame it on the fact that I have a splitting headache and am a tad bit tired. So, we're going to zoom through this.

Ugly Betty: Already got the pickup, and with the ratings it's getting it looks like it's going to be around for good. But, can we stop classifying it as a comedy? It really is a drama.

Verdict: Already picked up.

Six Degrees: This is going to be difficult, because I'm enjoying this show, but if Six Degrees doesn't stop losing viewers, then it's going away forever. It's losing to E.R. and Shark, and losing way too much of the lead-in from Grey's Anatomy, which is the most viewed program this season. It's going to be cancelled by the middle of November Sweeps unless it gets a reprieve or does a magical comeback.

Verdict: Dead in three weeks.

Brothers and Sisters: Already picked up, and well deserving. One of the surprise shows of the season.

Verdict: Picked up.

The Nine: One of the most raved about shows has suffered in the ratings badly, and the curse of being on after Lost continues. Look for it to be cancelled after sweeps in a hope that they can wrap up the story so not to alienate people.

Verdict: Done after thirteen episodes.

Men in Trees: Seems to be doing horrible on Friday nights. Then again, it's Friday Nights.

Verdict: Dead very soon.

Help Me Help You: Will stick around as ABC wants to stick with another one of their new shows, Day Break.

On tap: ABC has several shows in development still, with Day Break replacing Lost while it goes on hiatus, and the previously mentioned sitcom, Day Break. Shows on tap for 2007, though who knows where they're going to go at this rate, are Greg Behrendt's Wake-Up Call, In Case of Emergency, Just for Laughs, The Knights of Prosperity, which got good reviews leading up to it's premiere before ABC tossed it to 2007, Masters of Science Fiction, Notes from the Underbelly, Set for Life, and Traveler which will probably get stuck after Lost if The Nine is cancelled. They also still have According to Jim, American Inventor, The George Lopez Show, and Super Nanny returning in 2007.


There are only two shows of interest here, and we're going to get right to them.

Runaway: Cancelled. That didn't take long at all.

Verdict: Done.

Veronica Mars: This is the little show that could, and finally with it being paired with a good lead-in it's getting some good ratings as last night they had the most viewers all season. This show got greenlit for something like 15 episodes, and should get the remaining 7. I also think you'll start seeing it get full season pickups from here on out.

Verdict: Picked up for good!

On tap: Reba. Why? Who knows...

That's all for me today. See you guys tomorrow.


The Pulse

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The News Round-Up for Wednesday, October 25th

In an effort not to flood the blog with every single news item in seperate posts, once a day I will post a link to other news that I don't feel like I could go at lenght about in a post. This helps so that if you're just looking for some other news items then you can just check this little post out, and it should help you out. Also, these will be news postings that I haven't gone in-depth into in another post, and will not be every single news item that I find. Here we go...

NBC Hit Medium Returns to Television with a Two Hour Premiere on November 15th

Good news for NBC as they are able to get a show that normally does well for them back in their schedule. Not a fan of the show, but I know that there are those that are.

The CW Spins the numbers for last night's shows: Highest Rated Tuesday Ever For CW

We talked about the ratings earlier, but if you're just dying for more then the CW gives you a complete breakdown. Not to be outdone...

ABC Spins Their Numbers As Well

More number spinning. All very impressive. Note the sarcasm

Liev Schreiber Joins the Cast of C.S.I.

I imagine that since twenty million people watch the show then people are bound to care.

Lost Sets Winter Return Date - February 7th, 2007

There will be a three month break between the Fall Finale which airs November 8th. I imagine many Lost fans are going to be switching to DVD for the third season.

William Shatner Game Shot to Debut November 22nd

This show will take the place of Dancing with the Stars on Wednesday evenings once the show's run ends in November. No word on what ABC will place on Tuesday's. I forsee ABC losing Tuesday nights now, maybe to NBC if we all hope long enough.

That's all for that. A feature piece is coming up sometime tonight.


The Pulse

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The #1 Broadcast Network on the Web? NBC.

NBC has something they can be proud of this week as they've been proud of it for a few weeks now, and that's not it's ratings, but the fact that they continue to be the #1 web site when compared to their competitors ABC, CBS, FOX, and the CW. That's something big to be proud of as NBC has fully embraced the idea of television on the internet with offering I believe every one of their shows for free on the internet after it airs on television. I've done it one or two times I know for a fact, and I would do it more often, but I'm able to catch the two or three NBC shows I watch a week.

Last week, it had four million streams for their NBC Rewind, which is what they're calling the feature on their website, and their established video player (not sure of the difference here) had three million streams to bring their total up to seven million streams. Now, the way I read it is that it had seven million streams last week, but it could mean over the three weeks it's been around. NBC needs as much good news as it can get as they're not doing well in the ratings save for Heroes and ER right now. Over on iTunes, they also have three of the top ten episodes as Heroes is #1 followed by The Office at #2 and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip at #10. They also do have Battlestar Galactica which is an NBC Universal show at #5. In terms of Season Sets, they have Heroes at #3 and The Office Season 3 at #5 and The Office Season 1 at #8. As well, the third season of Battlestar: Galactica is at #2. Finally, over at TiVo they have a list of their most recorded shows, and they have six in the top 25, including the two new shows Studio 60 and Heroes.

I mention all of this because while all looks to be doom and gloom for NBC, they're excelling in other areas that their counterparts are not. The fact that they've embraced the fact that they need to do well in their other areas is a good sign that they're ahead of the curve. Unfortunately, we don't get figures for TiVo, the NBC website, or iTunes so it's difficult to say how well they are doing, but it does look like they're doing better then others think they are.

More coming soon.


The Pulse

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Scrubs Returns to NBC on November 30th

If you click the title, then you can get the full press release over at The Futon Critic, which is a great site for all of your television needs. Except, for my opinions. Now, basically it says that starting Thursday, November 30th that the sixth season of Scrubs will be premering to kick off it's new two hour comedy block with The Office and My Name is Earl taking the 8PM hour while Scrubs and new show 30 Rock will be taking the 9PM hour. This is good news for 30 Rock as this is another show that NBC seems keen on keeping on it's schedule, and should secure it until mid-December at least. I think this could work as it offers a vast contrast from what CBS, ABC, FOX, and CW are offering during those two hours, and should keep the niche audience it's been getting. I'm not a fan of any of those shows, though I think 30 Rock is improving in terms of quality. However, I'm hopeful that the shows get good ratings. This could be the return of the real Must See TV for NBC who needs some help in the ratings department.

I have several more news related items that I want to throw up here, so bear with me.


The Pulse

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Looking Back at Tuesday, October 24th

Once again, apologies for being a bit behind the ball today. Still going to get everything I want to get done today done as I don't have much left. Let's take a look back at the shows that aired last night that I happened to watch.
  • Gilmore Girls: One of the reasons I enjoy this show is because of the witty banter on the show. There isn't much appeal to this show outside of that aspect. It's your regular family drama series with some good characters on it. For the most part, the storylines aren't something that attract you to keep watching the show though they're not horrible by any stretch of the imagination. I used to watch this show on and off, and last season finally decided to sit down and watch a full season. It was good watching and that was it. With David Rosenthal on board this season I feel like the storylines are top notch on the show as the relationships between Loreali/Christopher and Rory/Logan are rather good, and you can sense that something big will happen between Loreali/Christoper/Luke. It's just waiting to happen. As much as I'm enjoying this show, another 8PM show is quickly becoming my favorite in this timeslot, and with good reason. A good episode nonetheless, but at times, I look at Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel, and can't help but feel like they're just kind of phoning it in.

  • Veronica Mars: This show has continued the great storytelling from the previous two seasons and the characters are as loveable as ever. This episode focused upon Veronica trying to find out who raped one of the girls, and while she found out that it wasn't someone from the fraternity house that is being accused of multiple rapes dating back ot last season she still doesn't know who he is, and something tells me that this isn't the guy who it will turn out to be in the long run. This continues to be one of the best shows on television, and with the ratings going up things are looking good for this show.

  • Friday Night Lights: This is quickly turning into one of the best new shows on television, but it's just too bad that it's not getting the viewers it needs. NBC seems to be showing faith in the show though, and will give it every chance available. This show just continues to amaze me at the different characters and storylines it's trying to tell. In each episode, there are four or five storylines that you're just falling in love with, and want to see more with. I'm interested in the big rivalry game next week as well as the Quarterback controversey between Tatum and Matt. Also happy to see Matt starting to get focused as he gets more and more interested in the daughter of his football coach. Things look to be getting interesting and I just hope that NBC gets some viewers for this show. Next week they're airing it on Monday nights at 10PM which is normally the slot that Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip gets. However, next week would've normally been a rerun so Friday Night Lights gets the call. Part of me is hoping it can get great ratings and maybe find a permanent spot there. However, the other part of me wants to see Studio 60 excel. I think if Friday Night Lights gets the same ratings as Studio 60 then it'll take that spot, and they'll find a new spot for Studio 60 which is another show they're not keen on getting rid of. I'll talk more about that later.
More coming soon.


The Pulse

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What to Watch on Wednesday, October 25th

Postings are going to be slower today then yesterday as there are some things I'm trying to take care of. My apologies for that. Tonight is Wednesday October 25th, and I'm here to give you some insight on what you should be watching tonight.

  • Jericho (CBS at 8PM EST): When I first watched the pilot of this show back in June/July, I thought this show would be a good show, but could be one of those shows that either did really well or really bad. Thankfully, it was a show that's doing good thus far, and is slowly gaining visitors. This show is about a town coping with what looks to be a nuclear attack on the United States, and coming together as a town as they try to save themselves while finding out answers. There are many questions here to be asked and with each episode, some questions are answered while new questions rise. This is a show like Lost, but it seems to be taking the mistakes that Lost has made and fixing them to make the pace a little bit faster. However, this far in the game we haven't gotten answers, but I'm still loving it. I imagine in the next few weeks some big answers will be coming down the pipeline only to set up more questions. Check it out if you're not watching it.

  • Lost (ABC at 9PM EST): One of the top shows on television year after year is airing it's fourth episode of the season, and it looks to be amazing. If you don't know about Lost yet, then now isn't the time to jump in because you would be beyond lost in this show that prides itself in such a tight story that you have to watch it from the beginning. Less people are watching the show then this time last season (21 million last season, 15 million this season), but I imagine it has to do with the fact the show is much better to watch on DVD. This week there looks to be some things happening on the Kate/Sawyer front after they kissed last week. I hope the balance of the story is a little bit better as we got all Kate, Jack, and Sawyer week one, some Kate, Jack, and Sawyer mixed with some Sayid, Jin, and Sun in week two. Last week, we got Locke, Charlie, and Eko for most of the episode with a smattering of Desmond and Hurley, but no Kate, Jack, Sawyer, Sayid, Jin, and Sun at all. Lots is happening on this island and it looks like things are just going to get more interesting this week.

  • The Nine (ABC at 10PM EST): This is actually a show I'm behind on, but if you're interested in a show that is like Lost, but in a different setting and much earlier in the story then try this show out. I loved the first episode, but have yet to find the time to watch the other two episodes thus far. Check it out as it's a winner based off of the pilot.
More later.


The Pulse

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The Ratings Report for Tuesday October 24th

We're starting our posting day with the latest ratings which are coming down now from the Nielsen Reseach Group. The top rated show of the evening was of course, Dancing With The Stars, which was even able to best Game Three of the World Series. Let's start it off with looking at the overall network ratings. ABC found themselves in first with a 10.4/16 with an average of 14.9-15 million viewers throughout the night. In second place came Fox with a 9.2/14 for an average of 13 million viewers. Then, we had CBS in third place with a 6.6/10 for nine million viewers and NBC in a close fourth with a 5.8/9. Finally, the CW pulled up the rear with a 2.7/4 for about 3.8 million viewers throughout the night.

In the coveted 18-49 demo, there was a tie for first as ABC and Fox drew a 4.2 rating. NBC would come in third with a 3.3. Next was CBS with a 2.9 and CW came in last with a 1.7.

Now, let's break it down hour by hour and show by show. Starting off with the 8PM hour, Dancing with the Stars for ABC pulled down a 13.0/20 for about 19.5 million viewers. Dancing With The Stars continues to be one of the highest rated shows on television right now. Game 3 of the World Series started off with a 7.7/12 for eleven million viewers. CBS aired a repeat of NCIS to come in third with a 7.5/12 for about 10.7 million viewers. Then came a new episode of Friday Night Lights with a 4.0/6 for NBC for roughly five million viewers. I'll be talking more about this later on tonight, but Friday Night Lights dropped two tenths of a point after gaining viewers last week. Finally, Gilmore Girls for the CW came in last with a 3.2/5 for about 4.3 million viewers, which was an improvement over last week's 3.1/5.

Moving on to the 9PM hour, ABC stayed in first place with Dancing With The Stars getting a 14.7/22 for the start of the hour for roughly 20 million viewers and then Help Me Help You got a 7.5/11 for ten million viewers. That averaged out to be an 11.1/17 to come out at 16 million viewers. The World Series continued to grow in the ratings as it got a 10.1/15 for fourteen million viewers. Up next, we have two repeats with The Unit on CBS getting a 6.2/10 for nine million viewers while NBC's Law and Order: Criminal Intent got a 6.2/9 for a tie in third place. Bringing up the rear is Veronica Mars for the CW with a season high 2.2/3 for about 3.4 million viewers. That's up from last week's 2.1/3 and up from the season premiere of the same numbers.

To end the night, the World Series moved to the forefront of the race for FOX to claim first with a 9.7/16 four about fifteen million viewers. Another re-run for NBC, Law and Order: SVU got a 7.2/12 for eleven million viewers for second place. In third place was ABC's Boston Legal pulling down a 7.1/12 for about 10.9 million viewers while CBS had a Criminal Minds rerun getting a 6.0/10 for nine million viewers.

More soon.


The Pulse

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Looking Back at October 23rd

Last night's television is in the can and I'm now going to give you my thoughts on the shows I watched. Nothing too fancy and nothing too in-depth, but just some simple little thoughts on what I thought of television last night. Since I missed Justice, I will probably review it with tomorrow's group of shows when I do watch it.

  • Heroes: Heroes continues to be the most innovative new show of the season, and it shows in the ratings. Last night kept moving things along at a brisk pace as we were treated to four or five other stories that all interweave to each other in their own unique way. I'm loving the cheerleader story as that's the crux for everything, and I'm really enjoying the story of the two Japanese characters. Things look to get interesting next week with a few new characters entering the mix. I'm also intrigued to see how long the "Save the Cheerleader" story will go. I'm thinking by the end of Sweeps we'll see the Cheerleader either saved or dead.

  • Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: This continues to be my favorite new show of the season, and it's continued here. Everyone loves to harp on the Matt/Harriet storyline, but I'm loving it from top to bottom. The fact that Matt broke through as a writer trying to impress Harriet felt very real to me and something that Matt would do. Harriet is an interesting character that over time is going to flesh out, and last week we saw just that. This week, we got to see some more out of the other characters as Tom Jeter got to give us some history on the studio after Danny last week complaining about the studio, and wanting to remodel it. We also got some history at the end with the former writer who was blacklisted. Nice allusion from his story to the story between Matt and Harriet. Great episode once again, and the ratings holding rock steady helps to ensure that this show will be given the greenlight for the full season. We'll talk more about that tomorrow.
I think I'm done for the day as I've got other things I need to do for the rest of the night before I get to the two hours of television tonight. I may post a link to all of the press releases that are released today to detail last week's ratings. Tomorrow, look for some of the same features and news, with me also detailing what of the remaining shows will be greenlit for the rest of the season and which ones will be cancelled in the upcoming weeks. I wanted to wait until the ratings came back for Friday Night Light, which saw an increase last week, and the ratings for Veronica Mars.


The Pulse

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What To Watch Tonight?

So, with the night about to get underway, I imagine you're wondering what you should watch tonight. Let me break it down for you based off of what I watch.

  • Gilmore Girls (CW at 8PM EST): This show has stepped up in terms of quality now that David Rosenthal has taken over. Many were frightened that he wouldn't be able to bring the Amy Sherman-Palladino flavor to the show, but he has done that and more. The first few episodes of the season have been amazing and have kept me glued to my television set with the romance between Lorelai and Christopher heating up. I think that romance is the best by far on the show, besting Luke and Loreali as this one feels just right. Check it out tonight as we keep moving forward to lord knows what.

  • Friday Night Lights (NBC at 8PM EST): If you're not a fan of Gilmore Girls and want something different, then check out Friday Night Lights. In all honesty, this is one of the best new shows on television that takes after the book and the movie of the same name. Kyle Chandler has made the role his own as the Coach of the Dillion Panthers, and the multiple stories being told here are enough to keep anyone interested. It gives you the feel of real small-town football and the lives of real people in a small town. It's simply amazing, gritty, and beautiful. Check it out.

  • Veronica Mars (CW at 9PM EST): The other half of CW's new Tuesday night line-up is Veronica Mars and it's one of the best shows on television period. Follow the sultry Kristen Bell as she plays Veronica Mars who is the daughter to a former sherrif, and a detective in her own right. This show has got a great story, great characters, and great dialouge. It's a show worth checking out, and if you haven't seen it before then make tonight your first night. Each season has only gotten better in quality and has received the love of every critic out there. With popular favorite The Unit on repeat duty this week this could be the week Veronica Mars makes a small splash in the giant pool.
Great shows to watch tonight so get on it!


The Pulse

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Go Watch The 24 Season Six Trailer Now!

Have you gone and checked it out?! No?! Then go! Now!




Alright, now that you've gone and watched it, let me give you some of my thoughts. I think that the direction they're taking the show in is a risky one. Suicide bombings in the United States should be amazingly cool, but is going to continue to hit close to home for all of us as that's always a scary possibility in the world we live in today. Them taking Jack off of the plane the way he looks and the fact he was arrested by the Chinese just signals that Jack has not had a good eighteen months, and is going to have a horrible day ahead of me. However, the line "Now I have something to die for" was chilling and looks to be the theme for the entire season as Jack has to sacrifice himself. However, it looks like Jack isn't going down easily. That's rather interesting.

Season Six begins January 14th and 15th on Fox with four of the 24 hours broadcasted over those two nights. I know I will be glued in to my television set to check it out, and so should you.


The Pulse

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The Ratings Report for Monday October 23rd

Well, the ratings have come down for last night, and some good news for fans of Studio 60 and Heroes. But, we'll get there in due time. Let's open this off with the overall network ratings. CBS came in first with an 8.8/13 for an average of 12 million viewers over the night as they claimed the #1 show of the night with CSI: Miami. NBC would come in second with a 7.8/12 to come in at an average of eleven million, but they would win the crucial 18-49 demo thanks to the best showing of Heroes yet. Next would be ABC who came in with a 5.0/8 for an average of seven million viewers of the night. Then would come Fox who came in with a 4.7/7 for roughly 6.5 million viewers throughout the night. In last place would be the CW netlet with with a 1.9/3 for roughly 2.5 million viewers.

Now, we're going to take a brief moment to look at the 18-49 demo. As I said yesterday and today, this demo is the most important demo for the networks due to the fact that it helps set your advertising rates. However, the numers to figure out the 18-49 viewers is different then the overall viewer, and takes longer to figure out. I just haven't had the time to do that yet because I don't have anything to base them off to make sure I'm getting them in an accurate field yet. But, that'll come in due time. As I said before, NBC won the 18-49 demo with a 4.6 while CBS trailed closely with a 4.5. ABC would place third with a 2.9 while Fox got a 2.6. CW came in last with a 1.2.

Now to break down the hours. Starting with the 8PM hour, NBC would win the hour thanks to Deal or No Deal with a 9.7/15 for roughly 14 million viewers watching the popular game show. Then CBS would take second thanks to the tag team of The Class with a 5.5/8 for 8 million viewers while How I Met Your Mother gets a 6.4/10 for 9.7 million viewers. Up next we've got Fox with Prison Break bringing in a 5.3/8 for about 7.5 million viewers. ABC would take fourth with a Wife Swap repeat that brought in 5.0/8 for about eight million viewers. CW would bring up the rear with Everybody Loves Chris getting a 2.1/3 for a little over two million viewers while All of Us gets a 2.0/3 to bring in slighly less then Everybody Loves Chris.

Moving on to the 9PM hour, the sitcoms would rule the hour as CBS claimed first place with Two and a Half Men getting a 9.8/14 for thirteen million viewers while The Adventures of Old Christine would pull down a 8.1/12 for eleven million viewers. Heroes would come in second with an 8.6/12 for 14 million viewers. Now, the reason behind the fact that Heroes came in second is that the average of households was higher for CBS which gave them the first place honors even though Heroes had more viewers. Also, as you can see this is not an exact science as according to TVGuide, Heroes is getting 14.2 million viewers even though it had an 8.6/12 rating. One day, this will make sense to everyone, I promise. Next, you get ABC in third with a 5.8/9 for eight million viewers with the newest installment of The Bachelor and Fox coming in fourth with Justice bringing in a 4.2/8 for 6.2 million viewers. Finally, the CW's Girlfriends got a 1.8/3 for just two million viewers while The Game got a 1.7/3 for about 1.9-2.0 million viewers.

Finally, the 10PM hour saw CBS take #1 again with CSI: Miami getting a 11.5/19 for 18 million viewers, maybe 17.8 or 17.9. Meanwhile, NBC took back #2 after last week they were #3 in this time slot with Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip taking a 5.1/8 with 7.5 million viewers as the slide seems to have slowed down. In last place is What About Brian which brought in a 4.4/7 rating for six million viewers, dropping 2.3 million from last week.

That concludes our ratings report. Still to come for today will be a What to Watch tonight feature, a thoughts on last night TV feature, and my thoughts on the 24 Season Six Trailer. Tomorrow, after the ratings report I'll bring you a look at the remaining freshman shows and my thoughts on if they'll be cancelled or kept for good for the remainder of the season.


The Pulse



Yesterday's posting from Fox did feature one incorrect statement that I made that I mis-read from the FOX press release. That would be that Prison Break and Justice would be starting again in November which is not the case. Last night featured new episodes of both shows which wasn't made clear from the press release. If you read the blog thinking that there wouldn't be a new episode of Prison Break and Justice, and didn't watch then you have my full apologies as I was mistaken.


The Pulse

The O.C. Season Four Preview

Apparently, Fox is jumping on the bandwagon of previewing their shows before it airs as starting this Thursday on MySpace they'll be showing off the Season Four Premiere to The O.C.

Everything I've heard about this upcoming season states that it goes back to the high quality of the show from season one that has lacked in the past two seasons. I've enjoyed the past few seasons, but season one was amazing. I'm interested in seeing if Josh Schwartz is able to bring The O.C. back to greatness especially against CSI and Grey's Anatomy. I doubt it'll become a ratings darling, but it could get a few million viewers that will keep it alive on Thursday's. Also to note is that the show is only getting 16 episodes this season though they could get more episodes down the road if the ratings are good.

There have been rumors that this is the final season of The O.C. and that Fox is basically sacrificing it to the Gods that be by throwing it up against CSI and Grey's Anatomy. Not sure if that is the case, but it does kind of look like it. We'll see soon enough if The O.C. can hold it's own or not.

The O.C. debuts November 2nd at 9PM EST on Fox.


The Pulse

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The Class Gets Extra Time

Word is coming down that the new CBS sitcom, The Class, is getting a few additional scripts due to the extra ratings it's been getting the past two weeks, and potentially last night's ratings as well. The Class is the new ensemble sitcom that they've teamed with How I Met Your Mother now and it seems to be doing well. I haven't checked it out and personally have no interest in the show. However, with CBS moving the slots around so that The Class was first it seems like they're happy with the overall ratings of the show. Now, this isn't a full season pick-up, but if the ratings do well then don't be surprised to see it picked up for a full season. CBS has been successful thus far this season with two of their new shows, Jericho and Smith, getting good ratings and thus getting full season pick-ups. They have cancelled Smith, but have 3 Lbs. replacing it in the upcoming weeks, and that show has been getting good ratings. CBS looks to be cementing their schedule each and every week with shows that get good ratings.

More soon.


The Pulse

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24 Season Six Trailer Today!

Hey guys,

Lots of news filtering in today and plenty I want to try and do today. We got a good start yesterday, and as the week goes on I'll keep getting more and more news up while keeping up with all of the features I want to do. Of course, I don't get paid to do this, and I may not be able to do everything I've got planned in a day, but I will keep trying to my best. For example, today I hope to offer up a little review of the television I watched last night as well as what's coming on tonight worth while.

One of the biggest news items to come out is that today is the premiere of the Season Six Trailer for 24. Fox did this last year, and possibly the year before when they started to really hype up the 24 episodes of 24 they run from January - May. This is one of the most fun shows on television, and if you don't try to make sense of everything you can get into the idea of the world in danger. Today will see the premiere of the trailer, one on the internet, and then another one during the World Series tonight. The one on the internet will be an extended version of the one to air tonight, so I would check out the trailer on the web. That trailer will be up today at 3PM EST/12PM PST. Where at?

Also, if you're in New York City, then you can check it out on the huge Panasonic television in Times Square. Never been to NYC so I have no idea where that is exactly, but I imagine if you've been to Times Square then you know what TV it is. Check it out around 3PM and I'll be back afterwards with my thoughts on it and all.

More coming up in a few minutes.


The Pulse

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Looking at Fox's Plans for November Sweeps

Fox has gone ahead and sent out a press release detailing what their plans are for the upcoming Novembers sweeps that begins in a few weeks time. Fox will be obviously returning their big hit show House as well as the debut of The O.C. once baseball is done. However, with November's Sweeps, the stakes are always raised as networks tell big stories and bring in special guests to get the key ratings in one of the four sweeps months (February, May, July, and November). Press Release are normally boring, so let's break it down for you so you know what to expect from your favorte Fox shows.

  • Prison Break will be returning with a month's worth of new episodes that will culminate in the Fall Seaon Finale airing on Monday, November 27th. If you're interested in any spoilers for the show, then you can click on the title of this post, and it'll show you the press release. I'm not in the habit of ruining of shows in this blog really unless it's something like a guest star spot or something.

  • Also returning will be Justice on it's new night as it will have three new episodes airing on Fox beginning on Monday, November 6th. The big guest star for Justice will be Jane Seymour who will be appearing on the November 20th episode as Ron's ex-lover. That one should be interesting for sure.

  • Standoff will be moving into the 8PM slot on Tuesday's starting on November 7th, and will run four episodes throughout the month, highlighting the work done by a Crisis Negotiations team. Check it out, though that 8PM hour is packed with other good shows as well.

  • House will be moving into the 9PM slot on Tuesday's evenings starting on November 7th as well with David Morse joining the cast for four episodes. Morse will be playing a police officer who will cause a world of problems for House that is sure not to be missed.

  • On Wednesday's, you'll be able to catch three new episodes of Bonest starting on November 8th. Following that, you'll be able to check out a new quiz show titled The Rich List. Honestly, I have no idea what that is, and I really don't care.

  • On Thursday's, the comedy hour of Til Death and Happy Hour somehow continues going though I imagine that before you know it both will be cancelled, and be replaced with who knows what. However, if you're into the shows, then you can catch them once again starting on November 2nd. Jessica Walter of Arrested Development fame will be showing up on Happy Hour on November 16th if you're an AD fan. Meanwhile, The O.C. will be making it's season premiere at 9PM on November 2nd as the kids of The O.C. are now grown-up and heading off to college. Chris Pratt from Everwood will be joining the cast for a while as well, so that should be worth checking out.

  • Vanished will be moving to Friday's at 8PM starting on November 3rd to finish the rest of it's thirteen episodes.

  • November 22-24th will feature three movies starting at 8PM. Those three movies are Bruce Almighty, Spider-Man 2, and Cheaper by the Dozen. Good way to spend your Thanksgiving if you're not interested in football or talking to your family.
Once again, if you want to know more, you can click the title, and it'll take you to the press release.


The Pulse


The Ratings Report for Sunday, October 22, 2006

The preliminary numbers for last night's ratings have just come down from the Nielsen National Data. Now, before I begin, ratings right now makes and breaks a show. They're extremely crucial to the numbers game that is played in Hollywood, as you need to score a number of viewers to get a certain ad rate. If you get 20 million viewers a week, you obviously get more dollars for that show then a show that just gets 8 million viewers a week. Also, the other number that the networks look at is the 18-49 demographic, which is the demo that the advertisers want as they're the most influential and most likely to actually buy something.

Now, if you're new to the ratings game then you're going to look at the numbers and be rather confused. What the heck does it mean when my favorite show got 8.3/10? That's too confusing! Well, the purpose of this little post is to break it down so you can understand it. I'll always post it in the millions of viewers for both overall viewers and the demographic I described above. Eventually, I'll be able to explain the numbers in a why that will make sense for you, but first we have to be able to gauge the numbers so that they make sense to you.

So, let's start with last night's slate of shows.


Fox is going to feeling pretty happy this morning as they were able to win the night courtesy of Game Two of the World Series which saw the Detroit Tigers defeat the St. Louis Cardinals. The numbers for Fox came back as a 10.2/16 because of the World Series and the late ending NFL games. What that means is that Fox came down with approximately 11.3 million households watched the game, and roughly sixteen million viewers. Obviously, that number will change as the time goes on due to the fact that it was a live broadcast, and numbers are normally flimsy in that department. Also, I'm not privy to the actual number of viewers watch each network so I have to go with my best estimates based on other numbers and math. So, if I'm wrong, I'll let you know, and weekly I'll try to give you an update on the actual numbers that come down from the Nielsen.

ABC and CBS would tie for second with ABC having more viewers overall. Overall, they both end up with an 8.4/13 to come out with 9.35 households and an average of thirteen million viewers a piece. NBC came in fourth with a series of re-runs that brought in a 3.3/5 which comes out to 3.6 million households and five to six million viewers. Finally, the CW came in last with a 1.6/2 which comes out to be 1.8 million households and roughly a little over two million viewers. Now, let's break it down show by show for each hour.

At the 7PM hour, Fox came in first thanks to the ending of NFL games and the World Series pre-game show. That came in at a 9.6/16 for fifteen million viewers. Then, came 60 Minutes for CBS which got an 8.1/14 for about 12.9 million to 13 million viewers to place second in the hour. Following that, we have ABC's America's Funniest Home Videos with a 5.5/9 or about eight million viewers. Then came Football Night in America on ABC that brought in

At the 8PM hour, the start of Game 2 of the World Series brought in 10.5/16 for another fifteen million, though a bit higher then before as it was shown in more households. ABC would then move in second thanks to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition with a 7.4/11 for a nice ten million viewers. The Amazing Race would come in third place for CBS with a 6.8/10 for nine million viewers. Finally, the first of three repeats of Heroes over on NBC would get a 3.7/6 to begin with a little less than five million viewers while the CW's 7th Heaven brought in the rear with 2.1/3 for 2.5-2.9 million viewers for the network.

At the 9PM hour, the gears would shit as Desperate Housewives would take first place with a 12.4/18 as they show continues to decline and gets a rough 19 million viewers, if not dipping slightly into the 18 millions. However, Desperate Housewives was still the number one show for the evening. The World Series would pull in a second place with 10.7/16, continuing to climb as it's in the high fifteen million range, maybe even getting 16 million viewers depending on what the final numbers are. CBS claimed third thanks to Cold Case which got 9.2/13 for twelve million viewers while Heroes drew a 3.5/5 for four million viewers, and CW's America's Next Top Model repeat got a 1.3/2 for roughly 1.5 million viewers.

Finally, at the 10PM hour, we see Fox take the lead once again with a 10.1/16, losing some households, and holding steady right around fifteen million viewers. Without A Trace brought CBS into second with a 9.5/15 for 13.9 million viewers approximately. Then came the new show from ABC, Brothers and Sisters, to pull in a respectable 8.3/13 for roughly twelve million viewers. Finally, NBC pulls in the rear with the third of their repeats of the hottest new show of the season, Heroes, with a 3.7/6, gaining more viewers, to have a nice 4.5-5.0 million viewers.

I'm going to bring you the demographic numbers later on in the day as they're harder to pin down in terms of actual viewers, and take a little bit longer to verify. If you have any questions, news, reports, or anything you want to offer, please send them to and I'll get back to you.


The Pulse


Sunday, October 22, 2006


Welcome to The Pulse of Television. I'm your host, The Pulse or your Secret Spy of Television. As you'll realize as you read this blog, I'll never divulge my full name, and the reason being is because I'm a writer and I'd rather not alienate anybody. That's not the purpose of this blog. The purpose of this blog is to keep you up to date on the television world that you obviously have a fond spot in your heart for with some analysis that will keep you informed instead of out of the loop.

This site will be updated several times a day pending upon my schedule. I can be busy at times, and thus I may get behind the ball a little bit when it comes to the latest news. Rest assured though that I will never fall too far behind, and if anything, it'll just be a few hours. This site will keep you up to date on the latest in the television world, and the news that flows out of it as well. This site will have daily ratings reports made simple so you understand if your favorite show is the cream of the crop or has reasons to worry about being cancelled. I'll also keep you informed of any shows that are being cancelled or picked up for a full season. On top of that, I'll do my best to offer reviews of the shows I'm watching, and any guest star appearances or anything along those lines. Basically, if it falls under the television category, then you can expect for it to be here.

As of late, I've been offering my opinions on various television shows that I got to watch before the current season. The total of pilots I was able to watch hovered around fourteen, and I was fairly informed on the rest of them. I watch an enormous amount of television each week, spend more time checking out the news, and also write it as well. Never will this site point you to where you can download television shows as there are sites for that like iTunes which I fully endorse.

If you ever need to contact me, my email address is attached to each post, and it is Do not hesitate to email me as I'd love to chat with you guys, but the email needs to be primarily used for this site. If you have any rumors or gossip, you can send them my way. If you come in possession of a script or you're a writer of a script, and want a review of the script up here then send it my way as well. If you want to send me pilots of shows, you can also do that by emailing me at and I will give you an address as to where you can send me stuff.

With that being said, I hope you enjoy what's to come. I have tons of ideas that I hope to incorporate over time, and just know that this is the beginning. I hope you guys bookmark this site and come back daily to see what the latest is in the television world. Upcoming this week, you will see reviews, ratings, and the latest developmental news on shows debuting soon in January 2007 or shows for the upcoming 2007-2008 season.


The Pulse